With the support of Handicap International, HANDICAP Tetovo in partnership with Association of persons with disabilities SHPRESA and Association of Women AUREOLA from Struga has implemented project that aimed to raise public awareness about disabilities – the regional campaign for socialization of people with disabilities in Macedonia.

This campaign was realized through the street theatre that was prepared by an artist- scenarist who also trained two other actors to play their role. The scenario was summary of problems and needs that people with disabilities face daily; so, these problems were presented in front of the wider public. Artistic presentation of the problems and needs of this group of people is a new way to address the public opinion.

Achieved results

Inclusion of population and students that followed street theatre in three cities;
Informing persons with disability and their parents for the existed legislation about persons with disability;
Creating a positive atmosphere (students and teachers of public schools) for the students with disability transferred from the special school into the public schools (the process of inclusion in Macedonia);
This project was supported by Handicap International, and implemented in 2004 with the duration of six month and with the total budget of 9.786 Euro.

Raising public awareness for socialization of people with disability and promotion of rights for social welfare

Raising public awareness for socialization of people with disability and promotion of rights for social welfare
With the support of MOBIMAK (T-Mobile) Foundation, HANDICAP Tetovo has implemented campaign for raising public awareness for socialization of people with disability and promotion of rights for social welfare

The results of the project
Information and sensitization about disability to:
Family of PWD and community where they live
Medical staff in hospital
People with Disabilities

Location Tetova, Macedonia.

The project cost:
2000 Euro.

Access to orthopedic material

The main objective of this project was to ensure to the most vulnerable disabled population of Polog Region (Tetovo, Gostivar) to have access to orthopedic and hygienic material support through the local associations acting for vulnerable people in the country, with the collaboration of the medical authorities.

The specific objectives:
• To identify the persons with disabilities excluded from health and social system (whether refugee or Macedonian citizen) through partnership between Handicap International and one or two local associations working for disabled and vulnerable persons;
• To strengthen the capacity of those associations (material support, awareness on disability issue, preventive care awareness and early diagnosis of handicap, link with local medical centers able to provide adequate diagnostic to disabled persons);
• To ease the access to social compensation / help for persons who cannot afford the costs of care (when Health Insurance do not cover all), Handicap International was completed the cost by material support;
• To improve where needed the physical accessibility of the disable people within their community.

This project was supported by Handicap International, and implemented in 1999, 2000,2001 and 2002.

Local Disability Action Plan

Handicap Tetovo has supported Local Government (Municipality of Tetovo) in development of Local Disability Action Plan . Local disability action plan is an instrument for development, realization and improvement of the disability policy on local level. It is a strategic document, which consists of identified needs, solutions, goals and priorities, agreed between the local authorities and organizations of persons with disabilities. The goal of local disability action is improvement of quality of life for persons with disability. It includes issues that are of utmost importance for persons with disability and proposes actions in accordance with the resources of the local community.

Implementation of this process for creation of local disability action plans in Tetovo is conducted by Municipality of Tetovo in partnership with Disabled People Organization from Tetovo, supported by German Technical Cooperation GTZ Macedonia.

Study and Exchange Visit in Albania

The aim of this study and exchange visit was to establish a regional Disable People Organization (DPO) network, as well as partnership between DPOs and local and central authorities for promotion of equal opportunities for independent living.

The delegation from Macedonia included the following organizations:

Handicap from Tetovo, Association of people with disabilities “ Shpresa” from Skopje and Handicap Uniteti from Gostivar

The objective was to discuss with the DPOs for establishing network between DPOs from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Such network would be useful for promotion rights and independent life skills and possibilities for people with disabilities. Joint actions in disability rights area have cumulative effect and are important advocacy tool. This visit aimed also to see the functioning of “National Council of Disabled People Organizations” in Albania which has been very beneficial for DPOs in Albania.

From this study visit we achieved to start dialogue, exchanging experiences and sharing the information about disability rights promotion. We also made steps towards establishing basis for the future cooperation in promoting capabilities of DPOs to address common challenges and to exploit common opportunities in building open societies.

During this study and exchange visit, the follow organizations/institutions were visited:

6 July 2006

Our first meeting was with Ms. Mybera Prizereni, President of the organization of people with quadra and paraplegia.

07 July 2006

Meeting with the President of the Albanian Parliament, Ms. Jozefina Topalli. The President of the Albanian Parliament welcomed this initiative for the visiting of Albanian delegations and for our meetings that we had organized as such with the sharing of ideas and experience amongst ourselves.

Meeting with Ms. Marjeta Zaça Deputy Minister of Work and Social Issues,

Meeting with Mr. Ferdinand Poni, who is responsible for decentralizing power in the state. In this meeting difference assessments and discussions of legislature were made from Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo.

Meeting with Mr. Vehbi Proda, president of the organization for people with disabilities that participate in various forms of art. This orgnaization’s president discussed events such as organizing concerts and art expositions; this organization gave the possibility for people with disabilities from all over the region to participate in these cultural activities.

8 July 2006

An important meeting for two delegations was the meeting with Mr. Sinan Tafai, who is the President of the Organization of the blind and President of the National Council, which advocates as an umbrella organization for DPOs.