Data and research

Enquiries about official data on disability issues can be directed to:

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
Employment Agency
State statistical data
National Statistics Institute

Other Laws & Policies

Law for Pension and Disability Insurance
Law for health protection
Law for health insurance
Law for child protection
Law for primary education
Law for secondary education
Law for Higher Education
Law for construction
Law for physical and urban planning
Law for housing
The Law for traffic safety
Law for disability organisation

This law regulates the form for establishment and function of the DPOs organisations in the National Council of Disabled People.

Law for the use of sign language from 2010

Law for the use of sign language from 2010, which is regulated by the use of the sign language in the public institution and the procedures of its use.

Law on Employment of disabled persons

The special conditions and benefits and incentives for employment and work of the disabled persons have been regulated by the Law on Employment of disabled persons, (as a lex specialis) while the conditions for allocation of financial means from a ‘Special fund’ are established by a separate Rulebook on the criteria and the procedures for assistance in employment of and working with disabled persons.