Promotion of the project “Sport and recreation activities for children with disabilities”

Sport and recreation activities for children with disabilities

On 30. 03. 2013, Handicap Tetovo,  together with other local partners has promoted project “Sport and recreation activities for children with disabilities”. The project aims to support and encourage children with disabilities to achieve their full potential,  promote awareness about the rights of children with disabilities, and support their integration and active participation in society. In addition, the project provides children with disabilities with opportunities for improved health, self-esteem, and social integration through sports.

Sport for persons with disabilities is not a new concept, but its full potential as a powerful, low-cost means to foster greater inclusion and well-being for persons with disabilities. Sports do not only improve people’s physical health but can also help people grow mentally, socially and spiritually. Sport promotes diversity and unites people of different abilities, cultures, and backgrounds.