To enhance the employability skills of youth with disabilities

With the support of USAID, Disability Services Association HANDIMAK- Tetovo in partnership with Education Development Center (EDC) started implementing the project “To enhance the employability skills of youth with disabilities“.

This project has a main focus on inclusion of youth with disabilities (YWD) in its efforts to enhance the employability skills of youth in Macedonia. Creating new prospects for participation and inclusion of YWD in Macedonia adheres to Macedonia’s law on disabilities and to the UN Convention on Human Rights, furthers USAID’s goal of inclusion of persons with disabilities in its efforts, and adds depth and dimension to the Macedonian workforce.

The expected results from this project are:

  • Based on the findings of the initial accessibility assessment, at least 29 ramps (3 for job clubs and 26 for school career centers) will be built along with other simple accessibility modifications to be added where possible.
  • 240 Career Center and Jobs Clubs staff (100 work readiness skills, 50 Work-based learning, and 90 Carriers Center facilitators) in seven municipalities in Macedonia.
  • 30 NGOs and Organizations that work with people with disabilities will receive a two-part targeted training which will be for the effective inclusion of youth with disabilities and adapted for the inclusion of youth with intellectual disabilities.

This project started on 20 December 2013 with duration of 17 month.