Access to orthopedic material

The main objective of this project was to ensure to the most vulnerable disabled population of Polog Region (Tetovo, Gostivar) to have access to orthopedic and hygienic material support through the local associations acting for vulnerable people in the country, with the collaboration of the medical authorities.

The specific objectives:
• To identify the persons with disabilities excluded from health and social system (whether refugee or Macedonian citizen) through partnership between Handicap International and one or two local associations working for disabled and vulnerable persons;
• To strengthen the capacity of those associations (material support, awareness on disability issue, preventive care awareness and early diagnosis of handicap, link with local medical centers able to provide adequate diagnostic to disabled persons);
• To ease the access to social compensation / help for persons who cannot afford the costs of care (when Health Insurance do not cover all), Handicap International was completed the cost by material support;
• To improve where needed the physical accessibility of the disable people within their community.

This project was supported by Handicap International, and implemented in 1999, 2000,2001 and 2002.